About us

Statewide River and Stream Management (SRSM) was established in 1999 and is made up of 3 divisional sectors, Training, Environmental services/ Product sales and Water Treatment. Our primary clients include state and federal government agencies, private enterprises, and individuals. SRSM is dedicated to safeguarding the environment by implementing environmental protocols, protective measures, and rehabilitation efforts. This is executed through continual research and development of environmental training, resourcing sustainable and cost-effective environmental products, and ensuring we provide consistency and quality environmental services to all clientele.

Statewide River and Stream Management is a family owned Australian business established since 1999. In that time we have been involved in thousands of projects, including Streams, Wet land rehabilitation, Soil Stabilization, Housing Projects, Rail Projects, Mine Sites, Waterway Rehabilitation, Road Construction, Major Airports just to name a Few.
We started the training side of the business in 2004 delivering to over 3,000 participants and 250 courses.


Our Solutions


  • Environmental control planning
  • Project dewatering solutions
  • Spill control evaluations


  • Environmental control installation
  • Project dewatering services
  • Site establishment services
  • Spill control maintenance/service

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