Environmental Control Accessories

Timber Stakes

Erosion Control Accessories
Ideal for silt fence construction and silt filter bale stabilization.

Size: 1.2m X 38mm X 38mm

Other Sizes available on Request

Timber Hardwood Stakes

Anchor Pins

Ideal for fastening weed and erosion control mats, silt fences, silt flexi logs and sitl filter bales

Anchor Pins  Specification  Pack Size Photo
 Pin 20  200 X 30 X 200

4.0mm Gauge

 300 pin20
Pin 30 300 X 30 X 300

4.0mm Gauge

300 pin30
Cable Ties
 Size  Specification  Pack Quantity Photograph (coming)
 250 X 4.8mm  UV Stabilised  100
 300 X 7.6mm  UV Stabilised  50
 550 X 8.0mm UV Stabilised  50
 812 X 9.0mm  UV Stabilised  100