Services & Consulting


Services & Consulting

Statewide River and Stream Management Pty Ltd, provide a specialised focus on environmental management and planning.

Our research and development of products to reduce and overcome environmental issues on site, are now widely used and recommended throughout the construction and water industry.

Statewide River and Stream management can manage a range of environmental control outcomes, and manage or monitor the legal and best practice outcomes for discharge of stormwater from your construction project.
We have a range of industry recognised products and have developed custom designed solutions that enable us to provide expertise, installation, monitoring, management and auditing of your next project and its environmental requirements.

The team at Statewide River and Stream Management have many years of experience and hold diploma qualifications in Conservation and Land Management and Sustainable Water Catchment Management.

Our capabilities are listed below


  • Environmental control planning
  • Project dewatering solutions
  • Spill control evaluations
  • Sediment pond water management
  • Stormwater solutions
  • Erosion and sediment control planning
  • Site Dewatering and water treatment


  • Environmental control installation
  • Project dewatering services
  • Site establishment services
  • Spill control maintenance/service
  • Domestic construction silt control
  • Silt fence installation (residential and commercial)
  • Water quality testing
  • Hydroseeding, Soil stabilisation and Dust control

Consultancy and Service Details