DamClear Flocculant Blocks


DamClear Flocculant Blocks used in flowing water only.

Product Description Dam Clear Flocculant Blocks
Flocculant blocks are ideal for dosing flocculant in remote locations such as storm water drains and detention dams and in situations where regular supervision of dosing is not practical.

They have found applications in many situations some of these include,

Construction Sites

Clarification of storm water on building sites, housing developments & construction sites.

Mines & Quarries

Clarification of storm water run-off from mining operations & stock piles at rock, sand & gravel quarries. Clarification of water from drilling operations.

Road Construction

Clarification of storm water run-off at road, rail & tunnel construction sites.

Trade Wastewater

Clarification of trade & industrial wastewater to remove solids and to thicken sludge.

Farm Dam Water

Clarification of clay contaminated water and storage dams

Product benefits include……..
Suitable for use in locations where electrical power is not available.
No dosing equipment to maintain or monitor.
Low capital cost.
Stable product with a long shelf life.
Simple visual method for monitoring usage.
As water flow rate varies the dose rate varies.
Floc Blocks do not contain aluminium or iron & will not affect water pH or salinity.

Scientific Description
DamClear AN2 – suited to salty water conditions and is therefore a better choice for applications that contain high total dissolved solids such as saline water or dams contaminated with bore water. (measurements greater than 1,5000 microsiemens indicate saline water conditions). This product is generally more tolerant of acidic water (low pH, <6) and of alkaline water (high pH, >8)