Statewide River and Stream Management Victorian Distributors for Vital Chemicals

22nd December 2016

Statewide River and Stream Management are proud to announce that we are he Victorian Distributor for Vital Chemicals.

Vital Chemicals supply a variety of products specialising in dust and erosion control.  They are an efficient, cost effective and sustainable solution for your dust suppression needs.

This renowned polymer technology provides instant stabilisation in a wide range of applications, including but not limited to;

  • exposed soil, sand or aggregate
  • stockpiles
  • berms and swales
  • clear water diversion channels and pond linings
  • hazardous substance isolation
  • sub-base road stabilisation
  • unsealed roads and haul roads
  • For more information, and an assesment on the product that best suits your requirements, contact our office on 97029757.


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