Silt Fence 

Silt fences are temporary, permeable barriers of geo-textile that are installed in a trench and supported by star pickets or wooden posts.  They are designed to slow the velocity of the water and allow particles to drop out of the water column via gravity.  . The fence provides a barrier which minimises the impact of materials entering a waterways.  They should only be used in areas of sheet flow and are most effective in removing coarse particulates from run-off.  They have limited to no filtering capacity of fine or dispersive soils.  Silt fence can be installed by hand or with a tractor plough.

Silt fence is made of, UV resistant, woven polypropylene, which is specifically designed to reduce soil sediment run off from contained areas. Water is allowed to filter through the fabric while suspended soil particles settle to the ground.

We stock;

  • Terra Stop 1780 0.75cm x 100m rolls.
  • Base entry level sitl fence 0.86cm X 100m rolls SF30 Standard



Mechanical Properties - Terra Stop 1780

Test Method Units TS1380
Wide Strip Tensile Strength AS3706.2-00 KN/m 25.0
Trapezoidal Tear Strength AS3706.3-00 N 420
CBR Burst Strength AS3706.4-01 N 2600
G Rating Austroads >3500
Grab Tensile Strength AS2001.2.3.2 N 880
Hydraulic Properties.
Test Method Units TS1380
Pore Size – Dry Sieving EOS AS3706.7-90 mm 400
Flow Rate Under 100mm Head AS3706.9-01 L/m2 /s 50
Physical Properties.
Test Method Units TS1380
Mass ISO3801 gr/m 145
Thickness EN964-1 mm 0.75
Attachment Belt - - Yes

Download the Terra Stop 1780 silt fence fact sheet

For installation using the tractor plough method and hire rates please contact our office directly.

For  base entry level silt fence product specifications please contact our office directly.

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