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Rock logs are permeable sacks, prefilled with aggregate up to 50mm.  They provide a barrier against sediment during rainfall and will decrease the amount of sediment entering drains or waterways.

Rock Logs can be used on hard surfaces as well as earth.They are ideal to place below security fencing on domestic building sites, or to protect kerb inlets.

Near or around construction areas where soil is left uncovered, can also be used where erosion is likely to occur in order to limit the amount of sediment entering drains.

Size:  1500mm X 200mm


 Rock Log


Material Specificatons

Rock logs are made of woven geotextile and filled with light weight scoria.

Mechanical Properties.
Test Method Units TS302
Tensile Strength (MD/XD) AS3706.2-00 kN/m 20/13
Elongation (MD/XD) AS3706 % 23/22
CBR AS3706.4-00 N 2300
G Rating Austroads >2500
Drop Cone AS3706.9-01 mm 12

Hydraulic Properties.
Test Method Units TS302
Pore Size–Dry Sieving EOS AS3706.7-90 mm <350
Flow Rate Under 100mm Head AS3706.9.01 L/m2/s >110


Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality assurance procedures.

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